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Aerhart is the solo project of Brooklyn-based vocalist, songwriter, composer and burgeoning producer Amelia Wellers. Her first full-length record, WALLFLOWER, was self-released on October 22, of 2021. Aerhart's agile and resonant voice weaves together her tightly structured songs of longing with uniquely grounding soundscapes, transporting us to the subliminal and leaving us with a record that has been likened to “whatever they play in the Vatican but heavily electrocuted.”

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Amelia grew up playing piano and singing across New England in competitive auditioned choirs. After graduating with a B.F.A. in music at Tufts where she also taught a course on the interaction of music and architecture, Amelia picked up a guitar and started writing folk songs while searching for her place in the world. Along with many teachers, she credits a summer of working for the Boston Symphony Orchestra as well as an apprenticeship at the cross-disciplinary international production house Hotel Pro Forma in Copenhagen, Denmark, for influencing her boundary-pushing songwriting and genre-agnostic arrangements.


The COVID-19 pandemic, a deep dive into Logic Pro, and an email to Kyle Joseph (producer) catapulted her first folk EP titled Wishtide in November 2020 for an audience of friends and family. Amelia’s folk roots served as the songwriting gateway for Aerhart, where she currently spreads her eclectic-alternative, industrial-electronic, and richly layered vocal wings.

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