Aerhart is the new project of Brooklyn-based vocalist, songwriter and burgeoning producer Amelia Wellers. Amelia grew up playing piano and singing across New England in competitive auditioned choirs. At Tufts University, she majored in music with a minor in architectural studies, while also studying classical and jazz vocal performance. In her early 20s, she taught herself guitar and wrote folk songs while traveling across cities and navigating the working world. During that time, she credits a summer of symphonic submersion at the Tanglewood Music Festival working for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, as well as an apprenticeship at Hotel Pro Forma in Copenhagen, Denmark, for influencing her multi-genre arrangements and boundary-pushing artistry.


The COVID-19 pandemic, a deep dive into Logic Pro, and an email to Kyle Joseph (producer) catapulted her first speedy self-release of a folk EP titled Wishtide in November 2020 under the name Awelia for an audience of friends and family. Amelia’s folk roots served as the songwriting gateway for Aerhart, where she has found her wings.


Aerhart's debut work WALLFLOWER was self-released as a full-length LP on October 22, of 2021. Aerhart weaves acoustic and electric instruments into a hybrid set of 10 songs spanning avant-pop and indie-folk genres, with detours into 2000’s-era bangers, moody ballads, and pulsing grooves. The record has been likened to “whatever they play in the Vatican, but heavily electrocuted,” fronted by Joni Mitchell, with overtones of My Brightest Diamond, Mitski, Radiohead and Weyes Blood.

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